Whitelight’s world-class advisory panel ensures we’re up-to-date with concepts, ideas, technologies, insights and strategies as they affect business, management, sales and marketing. And whilst the advisory team ensure that Whitelight’s own business is going in the right direction, they provide superb insight into the issues that our clients face too.

Seonaid McKenzie: Seonaid is one of the few people in Europe who holds both SFA and FSA accreditations in her own name. She is highly regarded and well-connected within financial circles on both sides of the Atlantic and has worked for companies such as McKinsey & Co, James Capel and Bear Stearns.

Neil Gandhi: has co-founded several technology-related businesses. His first company went on to become one of the largest computer mail order businesses in the UK. He also co-founded the European operations of Novell Networks in 1995, which subsequently grew to become one of the leading providers of networking systems in the world. He was shortlisted for Orange’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2010.

In memory of our friend and advisor

Robert Heller: Acknowledging his many achievements, accolades and outstanding reputation; we are privileged to have worked with Bob in his capacity as ‘Chairman’ of Whitelight’s Advisory Board until his ‘retirement’ in 2011. Sadly Bob died aged 80 after a lengthy illness in the Autumn of 2012.

Bob was a distinguished business author, founding editor of Management Today and the man considered to be the father of British management journalism. He was also an acclaimed public speaker, management expert and a specialist in the convergence and globalisation of technologies.

His knowledge of and insights into key management principals; Communication, Teamwork and Delegation resulted in him authoring more than 80 books, several of which have become renowned management and entrepreneurial ‘classics’. His works include ‘The Naked Manager’, ‘Riding the Revolution’, ‘The Thinking CEO’ and ‘Creating Action Management’ … a book which he co-wrote with Edward De Bono. 

For more than 15 years Bob lent his name and gave his backing and support to various projects I have initiated and to the two companies I have established and run (Whitelight being the second). Throughout this time he has been there as a guide and inspiration, offering his experience and wisdom both professionally and personally.

A good friend and fellow ‘enterpriser’ Bob is greatly missed. This is my farewell ‘thank you’ to him for his support and guidance … for regularly correcting my bad grammar and for the jokes he’d tell at meetings, which only he understood! Bob will be fondly remembered.

Written by Patrick Mason
Founder and Managing Director