Whitelight’s campaigns win business because we’ve put in all the hard work up front – the thinking, the research, the analysis, the workshops.

Then we create an integrated campaign employing a mix of communications channels: email, direct mail, or personalised mailings that address the immediate concerns or goals of the person with whom we’re engaging. Or, we undertake a specific stand-alone campaign using a single channel.

However the campaign is constructed and executed, we’ll always initiate a conversation with a decision-maker – perhaps a single person, or perhaps many people at multiple levels.


Conversations are the optimum way to explain complex propositions and win business – especially in industries such as IT, professional services, telecoms, healthcare and finance.

As sales prospectors, we’re conversationalists with conviction. That means we know what we’re talking about. It means that the people we’re talking to (your customers) recognise and respect our insights. And it’s why the Whitelight team of experienced, knowledgeable professionals can engage credibly with senior executives in dynamic industries.