Bad data kills strong marketing campaigns. Good data – used intelligently – brings them to life.

Many campaigns begin with data clarification, cleansing and gathering. It may be your own data that needs verifying, de-duping, analysing. You may wish to use proprietary Whitelight data. Or it could come from your previous campaigns, from one of our partners, or from commercial sources.

Whatever its origins, all data is just raw material until it is infused with intelligence. So when it comes to data, we build it, buy it, clean it, sort it, analyse it, segment it, verify it and examine it against some ‘key qualifiers’. And then, once we’re confident that the data for your campaign is robust and comprehensive, we’ll put it to work.


Our research services embrace quantitative and qualitative techniques, so that you can discover everything you need about your clients and the broader market – including all the key influencers, market events and related external issues.

From customer satisfaction surveys to client profiling, we can research every market, every company, every job, every date, every phone number – so that your campaign is perfectly positioned and precisely targeted.

Our research services include:
  • Data research and intelligence
  • Procurement analysis
  • Market surveys
  • Client profiling
  • Comprehensive reports on clients or prospects
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • In-depth qualitative interviews
  • Quantitative market research