Research & Insight

Drawing on our research, our experience of entering new markets, and our intuitive understanding of the dynamics at play within companies and markets, we aim to bring fresh insight and a current perspective to your marketing and business development activities.

And, by acting on these insights, we ensure that our campaigns deliver the right message, in the right tone, to the right people, at the right time.

Market insights

We investigate the dynamics within markets. We can consider, for example, the news, the speculation, the competitive pressures, the regulatory backdrop, or the wider economic forces – each of which could influence the uptake of your products or services.

And acting on this insight, we can craft your message accordingly.

Company insights

By pre-qualifying researched data, we can understand the dynamics within individual companies. Who, specifically, are the decision makers? Who are the personalities who will influence that decision? Where are the tensions and how could they be resolved? What’s the chain of command?

By understanding all the factors, we can construct a personalised campaign that meets all of the right criteria and pre-empts any of the possible concerns.