Clients enjoy working with Whitelight because we achieve an excellent return on investment. For example:

  • A TechTrac top 3 listed company had previously engaged a series of telemarketing companies without success. We helped to deliver more than £1.15m in new revenues in less than 12 months – representing a six-fold ROI

  • We defined and opened up an entire new market sector across UK and Ireland for a specialist bookings management and CRM systems company in the hospitality and leisure industry. Nine months later the client is expecting to win two significant orders – their first in this sector.

  • We implemented a partner development programme for a mid-sized UK based managed services company. We completed the campaign ahead of schedule with a core of 20 identified and qualified new partners. The first partnership agreement resulted in an additional £30,000 of channel sales revenue.

  • We were briefed to promote and manage the continental European adoption of a specialist risk management and item discrepancy system for the Galileo space project. We were instrumental in delivering the largest ever sale: a single installation of software to more than 100,000 seats in six countries.

  • A Dutch-based project control and document management software company wanted a foothold in the UK marketplace. We led a hugely successful UK market awareness and pipeline development programme.

  • We quickly identified shortcomings in an ERP client’s choice of market segment and proposition. We reported back vital “intelligence”, then researched, tested and developed a revised market proposition into a new market sector. A new prospect database was built, along with a revised proposition and new messaging. This resulted in the signing of a significant new local government contract – as well as savings to client time and expense.