During the course of campaign planning, we may discover we need to talk to prospects in a slightly different way than you had anticipated.

It won’t come as a surprise. By this stage, we’ll have undertaken workshops with you to explore the intricacies of your proposition. It might be time to adapt.

Perhaps there’s a gap in the repertoire of marketing content: the requirement for a new brochure or web pages or white paper? Occasionally we may agree that existing material needs a tweak or that a new angle is likely to generate a higher response. We’ve even had instances where our clients have subsequently changed their product’s name.

Whatever marketing content your campaign requires, we develop collateral that’s specifically created to drive home your sales messages – in a way that really resonates with your prospects.


Expressing complex propositions in B2B marketing collateral is a crucial step in winning new business. Communicating complex propositions is one of Whitelight’s greatest strengths – and joys.

We take complex propositions and write, design and distribute marketing communications materials. These can be part of an integrated campaign or a single tactical programme. It’s your choice.

 Direct Mail

With your proposition agreed, we’ll create a targeted B2B direct mail campaign, handling the process from concept through design and print, to distribution, analysis and response management.

 Email marketing

From concept to execution, we research and assemble content, write material, manage distribution lists and dispatch your newsletter or email marketing programme – either as part of an integrated campaign or a one-off piece of communication.

When readers respond to your offers or ask for further information, we’ll fulfil their requests. And by giving you access to our distribution platform, you can see the results in real-time.

 Personalised, tactical mail

Selling a service or solution to a finance director is very different to selling the same service or solution to a marketing head, chief information officer or CEO. So we write personalised letters that push the right buttons for the person we’re targeting.